Build, buy, or partner: it’s a constant assessment that all growing organizations must face.

Your organization’s operational needs are not static, so your business solutions shouldn’t be either. Your automation and information infrastructure must continue to grow and evolve to keep pace with your needs and the competition.

Our two cents? Buy as much as you can, then partner to iterate on the rest. An out-of-the-box solution will set you off on the right foot in many respects, as well as highlight where there are opportunities to add further features and value. The right partner also empowers you to accomplish this quickly, combining technology and industry experience to show you the way.

The key here is that you invest in a solution (and provider) that tailors its functionality to best support your in-house expertise. Without your problem-solvers being catered to, operationalizing insight will be hampered. The most important “configuration” in any solution is that it positions your people for success (speed to actionable insight).

Learn how TwinThread puts your experts on a pedestal and how we ensure you get a predictive solution that understands your operational environment.

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