In these blog posts, we spend a lot of time discussing the power of technology, data, and automation. As a solution provider, it’s what we’re all about. However, it’s important to recognize that technology – in it’s true and purest form – is simply a tool. It’s a means to an end. It’s the people who helm that technology that matter. 

We know there are a lot of solution providers out there who will portray their product or platform as a panacea of sorts – a “silver bullet” that will solve all your problems. Of course, the infrastructure choices you make can play a substantial role in the success or failure of your business. But when it comes to your organization’s assets and the processes applied to them, who knows them best? Your domain experts (engineers and operators), of course. So, it only makes sense that if you’d like to expedite proving the value of any enterprise solution related to your operations, those subject-matter experts be the focal point.

If a platform makes the rookie mistake of ignoring your problem-solvers, not only will the proof of value process get on a lot slower, you may also come to find that there’s far less value to be gained than you’d hoped. The efficiency optimizing power you seek already exists within your teams. They just need a platform that will allow them to quickly scale their know-how across the organization. A predictive system that prioritizes speed to insight and targets your experts as the most important drivers to meaningful change will bring to the surface your engineers’ superpowers.

Predictive providers that have industry experience backing the decisions they make about their platform know that the most direct route to value is with the collaboration of each organization’s domain experts. When you boil it down, predictive analytics is all about gaining as in-depth an understanding of your operations as is possible. It makes next to no sense to exclude those individuals who are the most knowledgeable about operations for this endeavor. Conversely, it makes all the sense in the world to lean on them heavily and offer a system that targets the insights at them.

Make sure your platform of choice is speaking the language your experts are familiar with. Value can only come through greater efficiency. The steps needed to optimize operations can only be actioned by your in-house know-how. And, your experts can only action insights if the platform they use puts them in a strong position to understand quickly. With a platform that knows how to formulate your data in a manner that is immediately consumable by those who know how to effect real change, the value will be clear in no time at all.

If you’re looking for additional insights into assessing and selecting a predictive operations platform, check out our “Optimization for All” whitepaper.

Erik Udstuen
Post by Erik Udstuen
December 8, 2021
CEO at TwinThread