TwinThread's Predictive Operations Platform helps your operations become as efficient as possible as quickly as possible. So, we've made sure that getting your team started with our technology is just as fast and efficient.

You can do this! Our self-provisioning approach means that you can deliver results fast. Our technology allows your team to innovate and solve problems fast without the need for software development or data science backgrounds. All you need is familiarity with your equipment and your processes and you will be able to go from connecting to your data to creating your first application in less than one hour.

You are not alone though, we provide the expertise and resources necessary to efficiently support you and your team. Our Onboarding Accelerator program is a series of live webinars and office hours that provide you with the information and guidance you need to become a TwinThread pro in a matter of hours. 

Multiple resources can be drawn upon including our Onboarding Consultant team (which includes the assignment of a personal Consultant), the TwinThread Help Center (an “asked and answered” service that our Consultants monitor during business hours), and TwinThread’s Technical Support (which responds to technical issues to keep you running smoothly).

All of these resources (and the Onboarding Accelerator program itself) were established to make sure you get the most from our platform with the best time to value possible.

If you would like to try out our Predictive Operations Platform, there are two places you can start:  You may contact us or review our offering on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace.


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Luis Morinigo
Post by Luis Morinigo
November 3, 2020
VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread