Today, we're talking about how Digital Twins are used to improve efficiency and also improve quality. A Digital Twin is a digital representation of a physical asset, and it specifically helps structure data from all sorts of complicated industrial data sources to provide the right context required for analysis and taking action.

The Digital Twin is really a key component to being able to automate predictive applications, like predictive quality and predictive uptime, to really help solve for all types of operations and maintenance use cases in the industrial context, and to empower the subject-matter experts, like your operators and engineers to take action.

To summarize at a high level, from the operator's view, you're able to get all of the key metrics.

You need to make sure that your process and assets are running efficiently, and that you're also able to leverage the outputs of the predictive applications to eliminate any situation occurring that may lead to a downtime event or product quality issue. With TwinThread, not only can you accomplish this for one particular asset, but you can do this for hundreds of assets or hundreds of lines across your operation. You can scale these capabilities very quickly and efficiently.

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Luis Morinigo
Post by Luis Morinigo
September 7, 2021
VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread