As an organization, TwinThread took some bold and innovative steps in 2020 to further enhance how our Predictive Operations Platform can be applied with greater and more lasting impact than ever before. The global challenges of last year emboldened our team to strengthen the functionality of our application so it has the agility and versatility to support your teams as they push for operational success in these unprecedented times.

In 2021, TwinThread will introduce a new workflow that will accelerate your ability to deploy, discover, and more fully leverage the data latent within your current operations. This will allow your teams to gain greater insights into your business and drive operational improvements across the enterprise. 

By applying our field-proven predictive applications focused on quality, uptime, energy efficiency, throughput, asset reliability and asset life, your operations teams have all the tools they need to maintain sustainable control over monitoring, measuring, analyzing, evaluating and improving your industrial equipment, assets and/or lines. However, we don’t stop there – because just providing powerful and insightful tools isn’t enough if you don’t package them in a way that is conducive to simple use and effective implementation.

For this reason, we released the LaunchPad – an interface that offers broader support for engineers, plant managers, operations managers, reliability experts, quality controllers, and many more. With this digital environment, users do not need a special set of skills to maximize its benefit. All they need is an acute understanding of the operation they’re involved in – and, as we know, when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of your organization’s day-to-day efforts, there’s no greater resource than your personnel in the field. Now, imagine those pillars of your company being equipped with the full extent of what secrets your data has to shed.

There’s nothing more powerful or game-changing than a subject-matter expert who has the right pieces of the puzzle to gain a clear view of the entire picture. TwinThread is, essentially, an easy to interpret cheat-sheet that offers your experts greater certainty and confidence in the game-changing decisions they make. What’s more, it empowers them to make those decisions at the most optimal time – guaranteeing your organization continues to uphold a proactive approach (that saves you money) as opposed to a reactive one (that costs you profit).

At the beginning of each year, you gather your operational teams together to decide on where you want to be at year’s-end – you agree on your collective desired outcomes. You reflect on where you’ve succeeded in the past and how certain things could be improved in the future. You’re looking to make the right set of adjustments in the way you’ve done things before to accomplish the goals you’ve set out for yourselves. It goes without saying that you can’t expect different (or improved) results by repeating the routine you’ve established. However, the change you make to stimulate the culture that will see those goals achieved doesn’t have to be disruptive or upsetting to your operations – frankly, it shouldn’t be disruptive to your organization at all (just the industry you compete within). It can be a heavy weight on the mind, figuring out how to balance ongoing operational needs while, at the same time, attempting to identify the right formula that will make achieving everything easier, more efficient and streamlined. Just to name a few, your teams are constantly focused on remaining compliant to production requirements, preventing nonconformities, planning for greater operational control, monitoring performance, meeting quotas, and all while having to record all of this. It’s a lot and we understand because we come from your world. That’s exactly why we made sure our solution is simple and quick to implement and that it produces valuable results instantaneously. Not to mention that it feeds information that has a direct and immediate impact on every operational effort made, whether it be monitoring for quality deviations or making more precise your targeted range for product variation. Whatever your operational goals are, we are set on seeing you achieve them in the most efficient way possible.

Our system offers your organization a digitized and automated process that will allow your experts to ensure sustainability in all aspects of your operations. Being alerted to anomalies within your lines is great – but it could be better if you had a system that allowed you to plan for a future where there are no anomalies to alert for. This is exactly what TwinThread does, in a repeatable and scalable fashion. We want to give you what you need to prove beyond any doubt that your organization has the most comprehensive visibility, communication, control, and planned innovation that can be reasonably expected of any operation within your particular industry. And, in 2021, we will deliver exactly that by offering a reimagining of the industrial operational workflow by synergizing the best in AI machine learning technologies and subject-matter focused user interfaces. This year, we will be unveiling a SaaS-based predictive operations workflow that is truly golden.

If you’re interested in learning more and want to get in on this level of operational optimization early, reach out to us here. We’d be glad to show you just how simple it is to realize you’ve got so much more to capitalize on.

From all of us at TwinThread, we wish you and your team members health and success in the new year. We hope you are looking at the calendar as we are – with excitement and a commitment to take your results to the next level. Happy New Year!

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Brandon Ekberg
Post by Brandon Ekberg
January 11, 2021
Director of Product Management