TwinThread’s CEO, Erik Udstuen, interviewed by Tech Alliance

TwinThread was recently featured on Montana High Tech Business Alliance’s website, where our CEO, Erik Udstuen, was interviewed. Erik discussed the excitement within the company and surrounding the predictive operations solution we equip our customers with.

A multinational organization, TwinThread will be relocating its headquarters to Bozeman, Montana – to capitalize on its unique balance of natural beauty and tech industry connectedness. Being centered in a place with this kind of balance makes sense for TwinThread since, as an organization, we pride ourselves on striking a compositional balance of tech-savvy future-proofers and industry experienced subject-matter experts. While predictive analytics providers are not uncommon – this balance is.

As is discussed in greater detail in the Montana High Tech Business Alliance’s feature, found here, TwinThread is poised to support its customers’ innovative aspirations by rolling out a Predictive Operations Platform that produces insight faster than any of its counterparts. This substantially decreases the time between implementation and operationalization – resulting in greater efficiency, better performance, and savings in the millions.

From quality, to throughput, to uptime, to reliability – TwinThread’s predictive operations center cuts through the fog of your organization’s flood of data, identifying the information necessary to address the challenge you’re looking to overcome. What’s more, it packages that data, so your domain experts are empowered to exploit the subject-matter knowledge they’ve built over their careers. Predictive solutions should put your in-house problem-solvers first – not force them to step aside so data scientists can dictate to them what they should do. No one knows your operations better than the people who devote their efforts to them day in and day out. It makes perfect sense to us to not exclude those amazing resources from the process of improving efficiency.

We encourage you to go and read the full feature on the Montana High Tech Business Alliance website. To better understand how your organization can benefit from fast insights and agile operations through TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform, get started today.

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