With all great optimization efforts comes planning. There are long-term plans and short-term plans (otherwise known as priorities). Within a manufacturing environment, planning in the long-term involves predictive maintenance and proactive strategies. When you’re proactive, you’re identifying potential risks (issues) and proactively planning to either prevent or mitigate them.

When responding to short-term priorities, it’s much less about formulating a plan and much more about simply reacting to a situation that demands immediate attention. In other words, short-term priorities are often situations that necessitate your problem-solvers reacting to an anomaly as it occurs.

All this to say, the quality of your long-term planning directly impacts your short-term priorities. For example, a strong predictive maintenance program will ensure you have greater control and understanding of your assets’ potential downtime (being more empowered to plan for uptime).

How well you can execute your long-term planning is reliant on how strong your monitoring capabilities are. If you want to keep a good eye on operations, you need the ability to do so whenever and wherever you are. So, you need the ability to access operational insights remotely. Having your domain experts equipped with a comprehensive Predictive Operations Platform means they can execute the most thorough preventive planning possible.

With an extremely focused and accurate predictive maintenance program, your organization’s asset reliability will improve, and asset life will be prolonged to its full potential. But not only that. As much as you’ll want to be proactive with your operation’s well-being by planning in the long-term, your problem-solvers’ ability to react to identified variability or dips in performance will be augmented and expedited by remote access to insights as well.

Any great operation has to execute now and plan for execution later. With the window into operations that a remote monitoring predictive solution provides, knowing where you stand now and understanding what that might mean for the future is all right there for your people to see - no matter where they may find themselves.

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Andrew Waycott
Post by Andrew Waycott
July 16, 2020
President & Co-founder at TwinThread