We live in a world where the only way to stay competitive is to know what's going on with your operations 24/7. There’s no good reason for someone needing to be somewhere specific to understand what's happening at the factory they oversee. Your operations continue on, whether you're there or not. Being able to check in on things just before you sit down to dinner at home or while you're watching your kids play soccer on a Saturday afternoon will allow you and your organization to remain proactive.

This notion is really nothing new. Cell phones and email accounts ensure we can keep the ball moving forward in our business efforts, no matter what time of day. You should expect no less from your predictive solution. Remote access to your performance metrics is here to stay. Not being right in front of the asset in question or on-site at the facility being reviewed shouldn’t cost your experts their situational awareness or understanding. This is why it’s so important to have a predictive solution that keeps your subject-matter experts right in the thick of your data.

Predictive Operations equals Remote Operations. TwinThread uses algorithms to watch over your operations for you, and not only turn your data into usable information, but alert you when there is critical information you need to know about now. This is AI-augmented management support. So, even if you're not at your desk or on the factory floor, you can rest assured that you'll never be in the blind.

TwinThread supports your work-life balance without having to compromise operational performance. This means a healthier lifestyle for any operator or engineer and more success for the operation they're responsible for overseeing and improving.

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Andrew Waycott
Post by Andrew Waycott
July 24, 2020
President & Co-founder at TwinThread