There are some specific ways Predictive Operations contributes to improved sustainability. While some are quite obvious, others may be less so (but just as important). You can quickly improve your sustainability and establish a repeatable process of continuous improvement by applying these strategies:

Predictive Energy Efficiency

While its title may give it away, our Predictive Energy Efficiency application is designed specifically to uncover energy savings and directly supports your sustainability efforts.

It allows you to:

  • Benchmark and compare different lines, different plants, and different products to understand the best and worst performers.
  • Establish optimum process settings for each product to ensure good production at the lowest energy state.
  • Equip your operations team with real-time feedback and recommendations to lower energy.

By using the Predictive Energy Efficiency application, your operators and engineers will be able to accomplish all of the above quickly and easily.

Predictive Quality

There’s no better way to improve sustainability than to reduce waste. Our Predictive Quality application helps your team determine optimum machine setups and provides recommendations to operators so they can stay on target and avoid wasted product at all times. 

Improving quality and reducing waste will not only make your operation more environmentally sustainable – return on investment for Predictive Quality is often significantly higher than energy savings alone.

Predictive Uptime

When your line goes down, you’re not only wasting time you are wasting energy too.  You aren’t consuming as much energy while down as while running but you are wasting energy nonetheless any time you aren’t making product.  Plus you are potentially generating waste during startup or shutdown, so all around it is best from a sustainability perspective to just stay running.      

Our Predictive Uptime application gives your operations team advanced warning of downtime events so that actions can be taken to prevent them - and avoid the waste of time and energy.  On top of that, and similar to Predictive Quality, Predictive Uptime often has significantly higher return on investment than energy savings alone.    

Proactive Continuous Improvement

All three of these predictive applications allow you to drive a fundamental change in how you operate - simply put you can go from a reactive to a proactive continuous improvement process in a very short time.

Our Predictive Operations Platform allows you to connect to your data in minutes and see predictive model results in less than an hour.  By applying this technology to your existing data, you’ll be able to understand what happened in the past better, and proactively apply those learnings to give your operations team greater control over the future.

Many companies are conflicted between optimizing production, quality, and sustainability.  There doesn’t have to be a conflict, with the right technology in place there can be tremendous synergy in optimizing all aspects of production, quality, and sustainability together.  

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Luis Morinigo
Post by Luis Morinigo
August 26, 2020
VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread