New downtime analysis, batch optimization, and process visualization tools deliver timely
functionality improvements to counter increasingly challenging operating conditions

Charlottesville, VA – Jul 28, 2022 – TwinThread, a leading provider of cloud-based digital twin and autonomous operations solutions, announced significant new enhancements to the company’s innovative Industrial Operations Platform. This new functionality extends the ease of use and functionality of the platform by:

  • accelerating the root cause diagnosis of downtime events
  • automating the creation of "Golden Batch" models for process manufacturers, and
  • simplifying the ability to visualize and contextualize production and equipment data.

"As global economic and operational challenges continue to evolve, manufacturers and equipment providers need to make their organizations more agile, more resilient, and more optimized than ever before," stated Erik Udstuen, TwinThread’s Co-founder and CEO. "Through these new enhancements to our Industrial Operations Platform, our clients are better positioned to eliminate waste, boost uptime, and maximize the efficiency of personnel and production assets alike."

Diagnosing and eliminating downtime events

When unanticipated downtime events occur, time is of the essence. The sooner the root cause of the failure can be identified, the quicker operations can return to normal. Through TwinThread’s new Diagnose feature, the platform can automatically identify, highlight, and inform personnel of the conditions that created the event so corrective action can be taken.

Unlike traditional downtime analysis tools, TwinThread can deliver these results utilizing a very small sample size of historic data. Further, once these downtime conditions have been identified, the platform will automatically monitor for patterns that led to the event and either alert team members with prescriptive action to be taken, or autonomously make adjustments, so future downtime events can be avoided.

Automating the creation of – and adherence to – "Golden Batch" recipes

The Golden Batch represents the ideal set of operating parameters necessary to create the highest quality and most consistent product for process manufacturers. This concept is critical to the day-to-day operation of food and beverage manufacturing and other recipe-driven processes, but it has historically been based on an operator’s "best guess" at the set of optimal parameters. This new feature, however, removes guesswork from the equation by delivering a precise, prescriptive, and data-centered approach to defining the Golden Batch.

Through analysis of historical data – including process parameters, recorded anomalies, and execution time – TwinThread will automatically define the best process moving forward. Further, the TwinThread platform will also continually monitor production processes for deviations, instantaneously recommending corrective actions to operators or proactively making those changes if connected directly to control equipment. Designed to support most S88 batch systems currently on the market, this new functionality improves operational efficiency, reduces waste, and empowers manufacturers to deliver unprecedented consistency across the globe.

Enhancing readability and accessibility of data

Further enhancing TwinThread’s already exceptional user experience, the new Status Page Editor tool simplifies and improves the ability to create virtual representations of processes and equipment across the entire operating environment. This capability delivers "at-a-glance" simplicity to production supervisors and operators in every industry, allowing single operators to cover multiple processes or machines from a single station. This functionality is particularly timely given global staffing and talent shortages, truly empowering teams to "do more with less."

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