Knowing what’s happened in the past, is happening in the present, and why is great. But, being able to accurately predict what will most likely occur in the future is game-changing. Knowing what will happen and being able to prepare or prevent, instead of just reacting, will change how you see opportunity within your operations.
You’ll be more efficient in everything you do and the cost of accomplishing your desired outcomes will be kept to a minimum. This is all realized by applying AI models (digital twins) and machine learning.
Having all of your operational information to draw upon, a predictive solution will be able to aggregate huge amounts of historical data in moments and interpret what will happen if “this” or if “that”.
So, now your experts aren’t just waiting to interpret things as they occur – they are actively taking steps to ensure things occur as they wish. Control is everything when it comes to operations. This is where a Predictive Operations Platform really starts to hit its stride.
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Luis Morinigo
Post by Luis Morinigo
December 7, 2020
VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships at TwinThread