Data is the lifeblood of any predictive operations platform. The more data you have at your disposal, drawn from the most diverse pool of sources, the richer and more prescriptive your insights will be. This means connectivity – to data sources and to any existing repositories of data you may already have – is paramount. 

In the litmus test of assessing a prospective platform, its ability to draw on your existing information has to be very high (if not first) on your list of prerequisites. Whether your organization uses SCADA Systems, Historians, MES Systems, CMMS, IoT devices and sensors, or any other variety of data center - your predictive solution of choice should pair with the source painlessly and show immediate promise of insight curation.

Your problem-solvers are busy innovating and optimizing all operational efforts. They don’t have time to struggle with a tedious implementation process. The whole purpose of a predictive analytics solution is to empower speed to greater efficiency. If it’s slow out of the gate because it’s difficult to connect, this is just pushing the time to insight further out. What your subject-matter experts need is to connect to your data in minutes, gain meaningful insights in hours, and be empowered to operationalize those efficiencies in days.

You’ll notice an evident theme throughout this resource that time is of the essence when you are trying to prove the value of a predictive operations center. Therefore, getting started with a new solution needs to be fast.

The more capable you are in condensing the time between implementation and insight, the more evident the solution’s value will be. Your solution provider should interpret the first days as a race against the clock - to ensure your organization can plainly see the quantifiable value their offering will yield.

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Erik Udstuen
Post by Erik Udstuen
December 4, 2021
CEO at TwinThread