TwinThread is a SaaS-based, predictive analytics software system for industrial IoT. We work to make it effortless to connect your data stream to our system. Our Predictive Operations Platform combines advanced data science with thirty years of Industrial software experience to bring you a platform that empowers your experts to go further and faster.

TwinThread’s cloud-based, comprehensive enterprise-wide strategy provides your subject-matter experts with the ability to implement AI and machine learning solutions in minutes - allowing your experts to action insights in hours.

Our Predictive Operations Platform will give you the ability to deliver ever-growing excellence with the following applications.

  • The Predictive Quality application allows you to systematically optimize quality over the short and long term.
  • The Predictive Throughput application allows you to maximize quality production rate on a per product, per-line basis.
  • The Predictive Energy Efficiency application allows you to minimize all forms of energy consumption on a per-product, per-unit-of-production basis.
  • The Predictive Uptime application allows you to keep your processes running by giving you advanced warning of operating conditions that lead to unplanned downtime.
  • The Predictive Asset Reliability application allows you to keep your assets running by giving you proactive and advanced warnings of asset conditions that lead to premature failure.
  • The Predictive Asset Life application allows you to maximize the useful life across a fleet of similar assets and balance the risk of failures with proactive monitoring.

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