2020 offered up a variety of challenges to our organization and to the greater industrial sector that required creative and innovative approaches to problem-solving and operating remotely. Fortunately for TwinThread, the mentality of overcoming obstacles is inherent in everything we do. Barriers to success are just opportunities for improvement and the force driving innovation in our world.

So, in the spirit of pushing the boundaries and continually augmenting the capabilities of our SaaS based Predictive Operations Platform, we are proud of our progress we have made in bringing the power of predictive analytics to a wider and wider audience. Reflecting on some of the steps our team has taken in 2020 to ensure our software remains the most innovative and powerful efficiency focused IIoT tool on the market, here are a few of the key highlights we are most excited about when it comes to new developments this year:

TwinThread's Launchpad

Our platform is all about empowering your experts to gain greater visibility and to operationalize innovative improvements with ease and at high speed. So, we’ve added the LaunchPad – a user interface that guides your team through the process of connecting to your data, analyzing it, visualizing information via digital twins, and implementing key operational insights quickly. It does all this in an easy-to-navigate manner and allows you to go from data connection to operationalized model in an hour or less. With the LaunchPad now available to all customers, greater efficiency and cost savings can now happen at light speed.

Transparant SaaS Pricing Model

As above, everything we do is focused on  allowing our customers to innovate faster. So, with that in mind, and with a commitment to make our predictive platform the one and only truly SaaS-based solution in the IIoT Analytics space, we have made it clear to see how affordable starting with TwinThread can be. We’ve published our pricing options and available package features on our website. This pricing model will also be made available in the near future for purchase through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. By providing our pricing in a transparent and easy-to-access manner, we’re enabling evaluation and decision processes to happen quickly – and making applications of any size feasible to deploy. No matter what your desired outcome or operational need is, our pricing model allows you to get an accurate understanding of the investments required to get the results you are looking for  – we guarantee it.

The improvements we’ve introduced to our Predictive Operations Platform, and all the supporting resources that surround it, have placed us in a position to guarantee that our customers can achieve greater performance in quality, throughout, uptime, reliability, and energy. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you’ve strengthened your product in a way that emboldens your customers to innovate and improve their operations to achieve better and more consistent results. We are proud of what we have been able to achieve at TwinThread in 2020 and we’re really looking forward to the next set of innovations we will make available in 2021.

In closing, the TwinThread team would like to wish you and your team continued success. We would also like to extend a thank you to those who have chosen TwinThread as the tool you use to continually drive innovation. From everyone at TwinThread, we wish you a happy and safe holiday season.


The TwinThread Team


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