Optimizing energy utilization within your organization can be challenging, but it becomes exponentially easier if you take a well-planned, deliberate approach to driving continuous improvement. With decades of experience in this area, TwinThread is happy to share some of our best tips and tricks:

  1. Assemble the team
    Your “energy dream team” typically consists of Process Engineers, Data Scientists, and other domain experts that can help you to identify what type of data to collect and how to go about analyzing that information.
  2. Digitize energy consumption
    To do this, you need an IoT Data Store that collects information from multiple repositories, including historians, MES systems, PLCs, even Excel spreadsheets. You also need a tool that can aggregate, interrogate, operationalize, and then scale the insights you find.
  3. Visualize the results
    To make the information more accessible (and actionable) by a broader audience, presenting the data in a tool that makes it easy for each team member to see results in a context that’s most relevant for each role will make it easier to act. 

Taken together, these needs lend themselves to a Predictive Operations Platform that values speed, puts experts first, gives your organization visibility where they most need it, and is backed by a provider that’s experienced in your environment.

With all these pieces in place, you’ll have all the elements you need to optimize energy usage and, more importantly, maintain the improvements you’ve been able to achieve.  

If you’d like to learn more about TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform, and how easy it makes accessing your energy data and insights, get started today.

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Sheila Kester
Post by Sheila Kester
November 2, 2020
Chief Operating Officer at TwinThread