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Configure, Don’t Code

The decision on whether to build, buy, or partner takes thought to figure out what will be best for your organization and its in-house innovators (who will be making use of the platform they’ve been provided).

Your organization’s operational needs are not unchanging over time, so your business solutions shouldn’t be either. Whether you build, buy, or partner, the platform is going to need to continue to grow and evolve with your organization. Those adaptations will need to come quick so you can reap as much reward as is possible.

Our two cents? Buy as much as you can and then partner to iterate on the rest, adapting as your needs dictate. An out-of-the-box platform will get you on the right foot in many respects and where there are opportunities to add further features, that can be accomplished quickly (with a solution provider there to guide the way).

The key here is that you invest in a solution (and provider) that favors its functionality toward your in-house expertise. Without your problem-solvers being catered to, operationalizing insight will be hampered. The most important “configuration” in any solution is that it positions your people for success (speed to actionable insight).

Learn how TwinThread puts your experts on a pedestal and how we ensure you get a predictive solution that understands your operational environment.


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