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Predictive Analytics - A Different Approach to Sustainability

Submitted by Sheila Kester, Vice President of Operations at TwinThread

For most customers, the cost of production, uptime, and quality will always trump energy consumption as a priority.  But what if you didn’t have to make that trade off?  Imagine being able to easily see - in real-time - your optimum machine settings and process setups that minimize energy while still achieving your other production goals.

A Different Approach

The key difference TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform provides is the ability to minimize energy consumption and achieve your sustainability goals without the need for capital investment or the need to install new equipment or new production processes. Start by squeezing as much efficiency as possible out of what you have now.

This approach is what TwinThread's Predictive Energy Efficiency application is all about. Optimizing the performance of your existing assets to reduce your energy footprint is more sustainable from both an operational and financial perspective - eliminating unnecessary waste, and ensuring you are always running in the lowest practical energy state.

Customers that have applied Predictive Energy Efficiency are achieving payback periods between 60-90 days and transforming all parts of their operations from making through converting and packaging.

How Does it Work?

TwinThread's Predictive Energy Efficiency application connects to all of your meter data and your process data and offers a straightforward process for minimizing "total energy" usage by indicating in real-time when and where you are deviating from your optimal energy state.

You get full visibility to your energy data through easy to use dashboards as well as real-time alerts with recommendations to keep your energy consumption in check.  

The Predictive Energy Efficiency application also provides your operations team with the insight necessary to identify, track, and improve the top energy drivers in each of your production processes.

Just Say 'Go'

Getting started with our Predictive Energy Efficiency application is easy and you can be showing results in days. We'd be happy to show you how simple it can be - just schedule a demo below.

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