I have been obsessed with asset efficiency and service models ever since I led the industrial software business at GE starting in 2007. At that time we were leading the the world in using advanced service contracts and data from connected fleets of assets - like gas turbines and aircraft engines - to drive efficiency on a global scale and protect customers from catastrophic equipment failures. It was a very successful strategy for GE. The problem was the technology employed was really only justified on assets valued at more than $5mm / unit and it took multiple years to fully implement across a fleet.          

Today, TwinThread can do more to optimize a $400 asset than I ever thought was possible - implemented in hours - and for only a few dollars per year. You cannot overestimate the impact this can have on the thousands of OEM equipment and smart device manufacturers that previously could not afford what only the largest and most expensive fleets could justify just a short time ago.        

At the same time, the urgency to develop modern service models has never been higher. The pace of technology change and the rise of global competition in virtually every sector means that OEMs must do more than deliver a reliable piece of equipment, they must be able to assure end-users get the most value out of that equipment within their operations - year after year.     

TwinThread serves as a critical foundation for delivering a modern service model, assures your equipment is operating as efficiently as possible in your customer’s operations, and assures your competitiveness now and into the future. Let’s get started today. 


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Erik Udstuen
Post by Erik Udstuen
February 15, 2021
CEO at TwinThread