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Show, Don’t Tell: The Power of Data Visualization in Continuous Improvement

"A picture is worth a thousand words.”

It’s a common phrase we’ve heard time and again, the origin of which dates back to the early 1900s. The original context was intended to highlight how a single, powerful picture can convey more information than even the most colorful descriptions or text. Today, some 100+ years later, the phrase still rings true… especially in the case of data analysis.  

A robust data visualization platform transforms the zeros and ones of a binary process, or columns of data from a statistical analysis, into a simple and clear image that anyone can easily understand. For manufacturers and other industrial automation professionals, there are few visuals more unique or more powerful than that of a “digital twin” – a virtual representation of a real-world process. 

A digital twin is a computer-based render or representation of a physical asset. For example, you have a fleet of pumps that you are monitoring. By applying a digital twin, you would be able to stay informed on the technical specifications and performance metrics regarding that pump, no matter where you’re located (anywhere in the world). So, instead of having to be right beside the pump itself to acquaint yourself with the in-line data, that data can be made available to you (and anyone else you define) across the enterprise. 

Not only will you see the current information about the pump, but you will also have the ability to see the history of the pump’s performance. This can support your teams in identifying performance trends that could cause undue wear and tear on your equipment, spot faulty parts before they fail, and other similar scenarios that could lead to increasing that particular asset’s life (and the life of all similar assets by scaling insights cross-operationally).

When a predictive platform visualizes your data, it’s making information more tangible and providing yet another perspective from which insights can be consumed and acted upon. The more ways your data can be visualized, the fewer barriers there will be to understanding it clearly. Visualizing and contextualizing your information is just one way that a predictive operations center delivers insight and value.

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