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What is it That You Need Control Over?

Submitted by Erik Udstuen, CEO & Co-Founder at TwinThread

It’s understandable to want to own every detail associated with your operation. However, that’s not necessarily practical. Especially if the ultimate goal is to realize greater performance at speed - and, of course it is.

The question your organization needs to consider is, should you be concerned about having total proprietary ownership over a predictive solution, or should you be focused on owning your operational data, metrics, models, process / workflow, and overall performance? What it really comes down to is, are you planning on becoming an IIoT solution provider, or are you planning on becoming (or remaining) the best performer in your particular market?

Own your data and the results you can produce from accurately mining it. Leave establishing a predictive platform (that’s compatible with your information and experts) to those who are solely focused on doing just that. Adopt a “Partner Ecosystem” mentality - empowering you to accomplish more by bringing third-party expertise into your fold (Build vs. Buy for Industrial IoT Solutions, PTC Inc.).

Managing the web of events that occur across your operations is no small feat (without support). This is the exact reason why you’ve considered implementing a predictive platform in the first place - to solve more problems with the same level of effort. Your engineers want their capabilities to be maximized.

By drawing on a proven platform, and truly owning your insights, you’re enabling them to resolve more issues in the same amount of time. If there’s a vehicle that can take you where you want to be now, instead of later, why wait or defer?Empower your problem-solvers to start taking more action toward greater efficiency.

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