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Commercial success and operational excellence are rarely accomplished without a bit of external support. Whether you look to industry consultants or third-party technology providers, these organizations can bolster the capabilities of your internal teams and accelerate your ability to optimize the business. Unfortunately, some of these organizations might also seek to leverage your data for their own personal gain.

In today’s day and age, manufacturers, in particular, need to be vigilant.

As supply chain inconsistencies and an ever-widening skills gap converge to make razor-thin margins even thinner, most businesses look for a competitive edge. One of the best ways to drive both top and bottom-line improvements is to increase your production processes' efficiency, effectiveness, and quality. From the way you manage energy consumption to the way you monitor and maintain equipment, each operations-enhancing process you develop adds to your ability to outmaneuver competitors. 

To develop these processes, and to gather the data necessary to identify where improvements can be made, most manufacturers turn to a constellation of smart devices, historians, and if they’re truly insightful, predictive analytics platforms. Each of these resources offer tremendous insight and value, but the steps you take based upon that information is uniquely yours… and it should stay that way. 

When selecting which technologies and solution providers to add to your partner network, be sure to ask about their privacy policies and safeguard how your operational data is stored, utilized, and used. Privacy and security must be assured across the entire process, most specifically that of any corrective actions, process enhancements, and other such improvements you make to your production processes.

These steps are what makes your business unique, but they’re also pieces of information that some technology providers seek to replicate and leverage within other client organizations. Your data, and the processes you develop based on that data, should always remain yours. 

At TwinThread, we ensure your data – in all forms – remains confidential. You’ve invested financial resources, time, and expertise to drive continuous improvement within your organization. You and you alone should enjoy the rewards.

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