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How to Profit from Predictive Analytics

A webinar presented by Erik Udstuen, CEO & Co-Founder at TwinThread.

One of the greatest methods to employ when striving to continually increase profitably is to continually improve efficiency. And, when it comes to driving efficiency, there’s no better companion than a comprehensive and curated Predictive Operations Platform. Leveraging your data with the application of predictive analytics allows your domain experts and problem-solvers to go further, faster, and with greater accuracy. Whether its optimizing throughput, increasing uptime, improving quality, or any of the other many facets predictive analysis offers insight into – each result in greater profit.

However, this isn’t news. Moreover, the above is slowly becoming cliché – something you’ve heard a million times over. It’s no lie that a Predictive Operations Platform worth its salt will allow your domain experts to accomplish these things for your organization. But, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a pitch you’ve heard countless times before.

So, with everyone in our space spouting the same narrative, how on earth can you rightly choose which solution is the one for you? How can you build confidence in a predictive solution provider, and feel good about choosing them above all other candidates? How can you know that the platform will successfully serve as the impetus to greater profit?

We’ll explore all of these concerns and more in the following webinar.

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