About TwinThread

The first per-asset subscription service designed to open the doors to peak performance in all your equipment

Through the IoT, digital twins, and the power of advanced machine learning, TwinThread helps you isolate, replicate, and scale peak performance.

By continuously monitoring your equipment and automatically identifying opportunities, a TwinThread subscription fully optimizes your most critical asset – your expertise – in your equipment and your industry.

What is our vision?

Our vision is to enable you to disrupt the status quo of productivity in your industry.

If you are an OEM, manufacturer, or service provider, say goodbye to the old way, where your equipment’s data is quietly gathering dust.  Say hello to extreme productivity, where data from across your fleet of assets continuously drives innovation and makes each of your machines a little smarter each day.

What drives us?

We are a group of entrepreneurs, industry veterans, and technologists who believe to our core we can make the industrial world a whole lot more efficient than it is today.

As a group, we have delivered software solutions to more than 10,000 industrial facilities worldwide – across all major industries.  We know how efficient the typical power plant is. We know how efficient the typical food plant is.  And we know how much untapped potential lies in heavy equipment deployed in the field.

And we’ve seen, over and over, how machine learning and artificial intelligence can unlock extreme productivity – the kind that can change the world.


Erik Udstuen
CEO and Co-founder

Erik is CEO of TwinThread, responsible for vision and strategy. He has been an entrepreneur and industrial-related software leader for over 20 years.

Erik began his career as a process engineer in the pulp & paper industry, using new technology to maximize performance and quality. At age 24, he founded his first analytics software company – Mountain Systems – where he served as CEO. In 2003, Mountain Systems was purchased by GE; today, the big data technology that they developed serves tens of thousands of GE industrial customers worldwide.

Erik spent five years as a senior executive at General Electric, responsible for their industrial software business. He was tasked with developing their big data and analytics strategy for optimizing asset performance across the enterprise.

Erik has a passion for innovation and a deep respect for the expertise that drives the industries we rely on every day.

Andrew Waycott
COO and Co-founder

Andrew is responsible for business development and customer relations.

Andrew began his career implementing manufacturing systems in Europe and North America, as well as providing technical expertise on sales. Andrew helped to launch the European sales channel for Mountain Systems, and later took a senior role in its professional services arm.

Andrew co-founded his own manufacturing consultancy in 2005 and led it successfully for nine years before merging with a colleague to create a similar successful firm with greater scope and resources.

Andrew is drawn by the democratization of extreme efficiency that TwinThread offers, allowing industrial businesses of any size to use the IoT to optimize performance, without the burden and expense of a custom system.

Tom Nettell
CTO and Co-founder

Tom is responsible for software development, quality, and deployment.

Tom began his career as a systems engineer in the pulp and paper industry, writing code for everything from process data collection to reporting. With Erik, he co-founded Mountain Systems, which was purchased by GE in 2003.  Since then Tom has co-founded a second software start-up, along with Erik, as well as starting a land development company and a contracted software company.

Tom is passionate about TwinThread’s ability to give all companies access to low-cost, high benefit analytics that were previously an option for only the largest enterprises.


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Interested in a product demo?

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