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Our experience has shown that Production Pilots have considerably higher probability of success than Proof of Concept or Conference Room Pilots.  The reason is that properly executed Production Pilots solve real problems using repeatable applications and live production data.  We are not simply proving the technology works, we are establishing the potential for improvements using real data, and we are demonstrating how the applications can be incorporated into your operating strategies and procedures to sustain benefits over time.

Here is a checklist for successful Production Pilots:

  • Have defined a problem that is worth solving with associated metrics / economics

  • Have a defined scope of production line(s) to start with

  • Have defined success criteria

  • Have commitment from IT to authorize and configure the data connections

  • Have engineering / operations commitment to invest 10 hours engineering assistance per application / use case

  • Have an inventory of data sources and connection credentials

  • Have defined a cross functional team to champion the production pilot

  • Have executive sponsorship invested in the pilot result

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