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TwinThread Inc. Recognized as IDC Innovator in Data-Driven Manufacturing Applications and Solutions


  • IDC Innovators highlight companies offering a distinct, cutting-edge approach to solving industrial problems.
  • TwinThread’s operations management app, the Virtual Operations Center, provides an easy-to-deploy industrial solution for Critical Infrastructure and Manufacturers.
  • Capabilities cover a broad spectrum, from Industrial AI/ML to digital twins to analytics. Expect exponential growth in the future.

Charlottesville, Virginia | January 16, 2024 TwinThread Inc., a leading Industrial AI and automation startup for Critical Infrastructure and Manufacturers, was selected as an IDC Innovator in Data-Driven Manufacturing Applications and Solutions. 

This award profiles emerging vendors developing groundbreaking technology and/or business models that alleviate current obstacles in the market. Innovators are selected by an individual IDC analyst and approved by the IDC Innovators Review Panel.

TwinThread was recognized for the use of digital twins, among other tools, within its revolutionary Virtual Operations Center (VOC). This application highlights an innovative, easy-to-implement approach in industrial operations management, championing two core components: an industrial data platform and an AI-enabled analytics layer. Both aspects help customers map complex industrial processes, operationalize AI, and jumpstart continuous improvement initiatives on success indicators like production quality or uptime.

With this technology, TwinThread addresses some vital challenges customers face in the industrial market. 

  • Insufficient data infrastructures inhibit the processing of the high volumes of data that inform operations. By continuously learning from customer data, TwinThread’s AI models elevate data processing and substantiate decision-making.
  • Knowledge is siloed to physical plants, with no practical method for disseminating operational insights. TwinThread's virtual environment allows skilled workers to pool and extend their collective expertise globally.
  • Ineffective methods for expanding operations. TwinThread’s digitization of processes makes development and deployment flexible and provides growth potential amidst increasing labor scarcity.

"Our belief that the Virtual Operations Center and Industrial AI will play key roles in mitigating the challenges faced by Critical Infrastructure and Manufacturing is directly informed by working alongside our customers every day," said Erik Udstuen, co-founder and CEO of TwinThread. “We see their struggle, understand their pain, and constantly think of new ways our technology can empower their teams with the tools necessary to automate, innovate and scale."

Winning an IDC Innovation Award highlights the achievement and significance of TwinThread’s work, reinforcing its authority in shaping AI in the industrial world. 

For more information about the company's growth in 2023 and its direction moving forward, please read TwinThread’s latest blog.

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About TwinThread

TwinThread is the world's foremost industrial operations SaaS, providing Critical Infrastructure and Manufacturing companies with a unique operations application—the Virtual Operations Center (VOC). This cloud-native AI suite leverages digital twins, machine learning, thread engines, and modeling systems to digitize processes, drive autonomous operations at scale, and rapidly synthesize data into actionable insights.

Our leadership's 100+ years of collective experience reinforces our expertise in the industrial world. We know operationalizing our industrial AI solution with our customers will optimize their global operations and maximize the value of a scarce, skilled workforce. In doing so, we help companies build towards their vision of a sustainable future.

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