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Hill's Pet Products uses Digital Twins from TwinThread
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“The goal was to convert out of the black book and into prescribed startup conditions based on the algorithms within the Digital Twin.”

— Director of Engineering

success initiative with TwinThread


Improve Quality, Reduce Material Losses.

TwinThread solution for process manufacturers


  • Perfect Quality Solution
  • Autonomous Quality Models
  • Digital Threads
  • Digital Twins
  • Edge Agents
easy to apply action with Industrial AI


Recommendations from models are integrated with Startup and In Run work processes to continously optimize quality performance across four (4) critical quality measures.

attain value with TwinThread AI solutions

Value Attained

  • Increased CpK
  • Reduced Material Losses
  • Less experienced operators able to deliver superior quality performance

Success Story

Hill's Pet Products Leverage TwinThread's Digital Innovation Platform, Drives Full Cycle Quality Improvements

Access the extended PDF to read additional details.

Solution Brief

Perfect Quality

Learn how Perfect Quality reduces variability and losses and improves operational flexibility.


Perfect Quality Webinar

Watch TwinThread CEO Erik Udstuen review the Perfect Quality solution, its components and best practices, and its application in real-world use cases.

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