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How to Turn Energy Consumption into Energy Efficiency

A webinar presented by Sheila Kester, VP of Operations at TwinThread.

When we talk about energy concerning your operations, what do we mean? In simple terms, we are talking about the processes that are reliant on water, air, gas, electric, and / or steam - also referred to as WAGES.

It goes without saying that these processes consume energy. But how much? When energy consumption is left unmonitored, it can represent a fairly substantial piece of your operational costs. Therefore, energy consumption must be given visibility and managed accurately. To truly optimize your operations and bring operational costs down, you need energy management at scale.

The very best method for turning energy consumption into energy efficiency is by digitizing your data related to energy. Digitizing your energy data will unleash your engineers to identify and mitigate inefficiencies, so you aren’t unnecessarily saturating your operations with undo energy output.

Honing in on these energy inefficiencies and tackling unnecessary energy consumption will contribute to greater global citizenship and significantly increased profits. In other words, optimizing energy for your operations will greatly enhance your business as a whole.

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