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Variability's Impact on Your Organization

A webinar presented by Sheila Kester, VP of Operations at TwinThread.

In any industry, driving quality performance and knowing how to deal with variability is the key to success. Variability is present everywhere, and when your experts are pushing for optimal performance, your organization is at risk of suffering from further unchecked variability.

You could walk through process-dependent plants for decades, and through the years you’d most likely be interested in getting to the bottom of the same prevalent issue - how to control variability? And, how would controlling variability impact a company’s finances? These are just a few questions we can start asking as we look deeper into variability’s impact on your organization.

There are a multitude of implications that variability has on an organization. Within this webinar, we will explore 5 real-world examples where gaining control over variation positively impacted the organization looking to crack the code of variability within their operations.

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