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TwinThread is the world's first cloud-native platform to combine Digital Twins with groundbreaking AI technology to deliver continuous improvement across quality, production, reliability, and sustainability. 

For Manufacturers
For Field-Deployed Equipment

Customer Achievements

Typical deployments enjoy 10x ROI on subscription investment

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100% First Pass Quality

75% Reduction in Testing Time
90% Reduction in Development Costs

25% Reduction in Downtime Events

An Introduction To Digital Twins

A practical guide to the fundamentals of digital twins and how they can deliver actionable insights TODAY.

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TwinThread Enables ...

superior first pass quality

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Smarter Homes

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Reliable Data Centers

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Lean Manufacturing

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How can TwinThread help YOU today?

For Manufacturers

An industrial operations platform enabling proactive solutions to production challenges.

For Field-Deployed Equipment

Digital twin-driven asset monitoring reducing operating costs and keeping you up and running.

We chose TwinThread and we couldn’t be happier. Their experience and knowledge from applying predictive analytics in the industrial sector is a pure win for Resideo.

Brian Courtney, GM, Resideo

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