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Our Mission: 100% Equipment Efficiency

Choose pre-built solutions to optimize each of your customer's priority metrics

Our Predictive Operations Cloud consists of Predictive Quality, Predictive Uptime, Predictive Throughput, Predictive Asset Reliability, Predictive Energy Efficiency, and Predictive Asset Life. With these predictive applications, you can solve for a variety of equipment-based metrics.

Read TwinThread CEO Erik Udstuen’s perspective on our mission here.

Results in 30 days or less

Predictive solutions that connect your customers to your expertise
and automation in a whole new way

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Predictive Energy Efficiency
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Predictive Throughput
Predictive Asset Life

Customer Achievements

Typical deployments enjoy 10x ROI on subscription investment

Our predictive technology produces the results you're looking to achieve, whether it's improved uptime, reduced energy costs, enhanced first pass quality, reduced consulting costs, and many more impactful KPIs.

Transform your equipment data into competitive advantage

Old school Continuous Improvement reimagined with the latest digital technologies

Equipment Data
Our cyclical predictive approach allows you to model with Digital Twins, monitor with Digital Threads, be alerted on performance issues and anomalies, learn what drives improved performance, and solve operational and maintenance issues with insights that empower a proactive approach.

Accelerate your innovation

Fleet level performance optimization starts here

TwinThread's innovative Continuous Improvement model allows you to connect and collect sensor data, identify the performance metrics that are delivering results, monitor your units closely so learning can happen fast, normalize measures that are applicable at scale, and apply those

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