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Connect your teams with real-time insights in a whole new way
Process Engineers

Run optimally. Reduce variation. Identify causes of production downtime, excess cost, machine failures in advance. Optimize production runs. Reduce waste. Impact future performance today.

Plant Management

Proactive performance alerts allow teams to address issues before they happen. Optimize for one or more key performance indicators (cost, output, quality). Identify top performance characteristics and drive across all lines.

Data Scientist
Data Scientists

Move from synthesis to analysis and action. Data is organized and contextualized for you - allowing you to immediately drill into alerts and predictions to most rapidly identify trends and anomalies. Easily add new algorithms, displays and alerts. Improve operational results in real-time.

Operations Professional
Operations Professionals

Avoid equipment malfunctions - Proactive alerts let you know where and when a problem is likely to happen. Optimize equipment performance - Detect likely performance parameters for best operations. Run cost effectively - Identify parameters for lowest cost while delivering desired performance levels.

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We have worked with other solutions before that either couldn't handle our data load fast enough or failed when we tried to push the solution to the next line.

TwinThread handles all of our data and it's literally a push of a button to deploy to the next line!

Project Engineer & Data Scientist

Pre-Built Applications Create Value From Day One

TwinThread’s Predictive Operations Platform is purpose built for industry and includes out-of-the-box applications.

Your team can implement AI and machine learning solutions in days using these applications and TwinThread’s prebuilt templates addressing 25 specific use cases and counting.

Need help operationalizing the results? Utilize TwinThread's Services capabilities to augment your team's expertise.

Critical Components
Easy to Use Capabilities Accelerate Your Learning
Real Time Visibility
Real-Time Visibility - Of the Future

Your historical data combined with our Model Factory, out of the box dashboards, alerts and analysis allowing you to see and action events before they happen

Dashboards Analytics
Dashboards and Analytics

Dozens of out of the box charts, analytics and alerts. Are you a Power BI or other business intelligence user? Use our curated data sets to quickly build new analysis on current and predicted conditions.

Intelligent Alerts
Intelligent Alerts

Avoid nuisance alarms. Static limits don't work when you oversee so many different types of equipment. Use the power of your own data combined with TwinThread's Model Factory and analytical tools to determine optimum limits to achieve the particular result you need, per machine, fleet or total operation.

Predictve Services
Predictive Services

Gain a competitive edge through deep insights into how your customers use their equipment. Use that knowledge to develop customized service programs, competitively priced, to maintain customer loyalty in challenging times.

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