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Our Mission: 100% Plant Efficiency

Choose pre-built solutions to optimize each of your priority metrics

Predictive applications such as Predictive Quality, Predictive Uptime, Predictive Throughput, Predictive Asset Reliability, Predictive Energy Efficiency, and Predictive Asset Life allow you to solve for a variety of factory-based metrics. These include, but are not limited to, first pass quality percent, uptime percent, material cost per unit, mean time between failure, energy cost per unit, and remaining useful life.

Today’s production environments are more complex and more interconnected than ever.

From increasingly sophisticated PLC technologies to the ever-expanding world of IIoT, your plant floor generates a dizzying amount of data. Adding information streaming in from supply chain systems, business, and financial systems, and dozens of other sources make it tough to separate what’s meaningful from what’s just noise. That’s where we come in.

TwinThread empowers you to transform data from any source into actionable, impactful, positive results. Our Predictive Operations platform is designed from the ground up to drive greater operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve consistency and throughput.  Our mission, as audacious as it sounds, is to drive 100% plant efficiency. And everything we do is focused on achieving that goal.

Read TwinThread CEO Erik Udstuen’s perspective on our mission here.

TwinThread Empowers the Operationalization of Opportunities for Colgate-Palmolive

"Looking at the broader view of the opportunity - it could be from a financial... or efficiencies [perspective] - ... energy efficiencies, labor efficiencies, diverting resources to different areas that you may not have [thought of] before..."

Colgate-Palmolive chooses to Partner with Digital Twin Experts.

—Warren Pruitt
VP Global Engineering Services, Colgate-Palmolive

Want to get to know the team who supported Colgate-Palmolive in accomplishing these manufacturing improvements?

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Predictive solutions that connect your people, automation, and operating strategies in a whole new way

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Through a selection of out-of-the-box optimization modules, we proactively help to improve key indicators such as predictive quality, predictive uptime, predictive throughput, predictive energy efficiency, predictive asset reliability, predictive asset life.

The TwinThread Predictive Operations Platform connects operational activities to KPIs, and KPIs to results. Unlike traditional monitoring and reporting tools, TwinThread delivers specific and prescriptive recommendations on how to improve each. And because we’ve created a complete digital copy of your environment – featuring your own real-time data – process engineers can model changes and get an accurate snapshot of how those changes will impact your operations and your business.

Customer Achievements

Typical deployments enjoy 10x ROI on subscription investment

Our predictive technology produces the results you're looking to achieve, whether it's improved line uptime, reduced energy usage, enhanced quality, reduced hardware costs, and many more impactful factory KPIs.

Transform your plant data into operating results

A better approach to continuous improvement. Collecting, aggregating,
and normalizing all your data for a more complete picture.

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