The fourth Industrial Revolution is here.


If you are a manufacturer or an industrial equipment maker you clearly recognize the opportunities and  challenges translating connected factories and connected products into profits.  Data and the ingredients for digital innovation are multiplying exponentially at the same time industrial companies are struggling to "put it all together" to effectively monetize their digital assets. 


Your fleets, your installed base, and your data hold enormous potential for productivity, new revenue sources, and profits.  The fundamental challenge to unlocking that potential is matching the tools for digital innovation with the people who have deep process and equipment expertise within your company. 

Enormous potential for productivity


At TwinThread we are building the team and creating the technology to enable you to capitalize on the revolution now – not by changing your people or your culture - by empowering your domain experts to innovate in ways they never knew were possible.

We are creating the world's first Digital Innovation Platform that brings together process experts, equipment experts, and data experts in a unique way to rapidly create, validate, and monetize Industrial Internet applications. 

Digital Innovation Platform


Imagine if experts from across your company could come together and create cutting edge digital solutions with tools they inherently understand, speaking the language they have been using for decades.


Imagine if you could design, create, rigorously validate, and confidently deploy new equipment capabilities across your entire fleet of assets in hours versus years.


Imagine if the discovery of a process problem at one customer site could be systematically translated into a global solution and immediately saleable new service offering.

We are passionate about creating the future of industrial automation - one that’s not just connected globally but is driving process and product innovation in ways we couldn’t imagine a short time ago - delivering the productivity we have been dreaming about for a very long time.
— Erik Udstuen, Co-Founder